The Loner- Old Boy in City (Udaipur)


Lonely nights

Travel and Udaipur

I knw what I write is not enough to get public attention but here I am writing because I get emty by writing all the happy sad heart-breaking trauma melody moments of life.

I even know that my writing is not up to the mark it lacks many a things but still its all about my contentment  ,so here i am writing my own daily stories😅

Scene 1- Tonight- As u all knw I am a lift taker..Tonight I left for ahmedanad my home town from Udaipur where I study and having a room too fr living, walked fr 1km and met a stranger by passer ,talked with him alot while walking…I got to knw he is an engineer too woh bhi mechanical 😂 so we were like Bhai Bhai(Bruh) He was heading home frm Job n waiting fr his brother to pick him up..fortunate his brother came n he insisted to drop me to my destination (Bus stop) We reached there, I offered both of them a Cup of tea first they refused bt got ready to have a convo over life with Chai ki chuski😈 we exchanged numbers fr any hlp in Udaipur.

Finally when I was going to pay the money, he stopped me and paid it..So I made one more Friend in Udaipur (engineering wala ) So this is how engineer’s roles- Thats How we roll , We roll like this😂


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